All articles from: January, 2010

Create your own paper roses

How cute? Full instructions on how to create your own paper flowers. Tweet

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Bridesmaid Invitations

Check this out DIY fans. We came across a blog from Anna (Rifle Design), a very formal way of inviting your best buddies to take the position of BM. Check out the materials you need, along with full instructions on how you can create your very own Bridesmaid invitations Tweet

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Wedding Cakes with a difference!


Going back a few years, Wedding Cakes were if we’re honest very much the same as the next one.  White, tiered on top of one another and maybe a sprinkle of colour here and there. Check out this  list of creative wedding cakes: Talk to Karen in Sweet Jepsons about creating your unique cake.  We’ve [...]

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Wedding Dress Shopping – Where to start?

Often times, the best way to start your search for a wedding gown is by looking around at some wedding dresses, and getting an idea of what’s out there today, the styles, the colors, and what you would like, and envision. Keep in mind, this is a very loose-ended process, as a certain gown may [...]

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