Four Weddings – Week One

Four Weddings - The Brides

Four Weddings - The Brides

We anxiously awaited the start of the new season of ‘Four Weddings’ on Living TV and we weren’t disappointed.  Wannabe princesses and outrageous bitching makes it the perfect cheer-up for Monday television.

First we had Ivy, who had everything on show (literally) for her guests.  Ivy and her h2b are nudists and thankfully as we shouted ‘Put it away’, the ceremony sans clothes was short and she changed in to a nice dress followed by a reception on a barge.  She had asked the other brides if they would attend minus their clothing, however this was greeted with a huge NO!

Next we had Tracy Dr. Tracy who had envisioned herself as a Princess for the day.  She went all out on the spends and her budget came in at 40k sterling.  Nothing shone out to us, lots of tacky add ons, the clairvoyant being the worst.

On to Louise, the rubgy bride.  We actually liked her dress, when the brides seemed to concentrate on the plainess of it all.  The sight of the bride swigging out of a bottle of WKD Blue was tacky though.

Last and definitely least we saw Sarah walk up the aisle.  Sarah had been dreaming of a wedding like Tracy’s since the beginning of time.  Unfortunately her H2B lost his job and the horse and carriage galloped away.  You would almost feel sorry for her at the intro, however no need.  The bitch bites and all she seemed to do was bitch and moan throughout the whole episode (we do need someone like her though to spice things up).  At one stage she was so drunk she took issue with poor Ivy sitting down for a breather from the dance floor, she started F’ing and blinding her out of it.  Chavtastic! The best was her line when the winner was revealed ‘They don’t deserve it as much as us.  They aren’t in love, not as much as me and Simon‘.

So roll on next Monday.  You can tune in 9pm Living TV, or 10pm on the +1.  You can also play the game at home between 9pm-10pm if you like (we might try this next week)

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