Illuminated Centre Pieces / Table Numbers

Arrrrrghhh, we love, love, love these!  Why couldn’t we think of them?  So easy to do, but look spectacular on any table.

Stylish Table Numbers

Stylish Table Numbers

These were imagined and then designed by ‘Tuppence’ of and you can check out Tuppence’s lovely handmade goodies at her Etsy Shop.

You will need:

  • metal ruler
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue dots
  • scalpel or craft knife
  • paper cutter
  • 12 x 12 Card Stock of 100 lb or heavier weight
  • cutting mat
  • print out of letters/numbers. I used Edwardian Script. The font size was around 425. I trimmed the spacing between numbers on the double digit tables to make them fit closer together.. I also further formatted my font and chose the “outline” option.

Fabulous Table Numbers

A Note from Tuppence on Choosing Paper:

When you are choosing paper, make sure it is strong enough to stand on its own and that it will hold up to people touching it. Also, it has to be strong enough to support the structure of the numbers.

For me, cardstock was readily available, fairly cheap, and sturdy enough to do the job. I would assume fabric or paper that was first cut then heavily “modge-podged” afterward *should* be strong enough. But that’s a lot of work and pretty messy so I haven’t tried it myself.

I used standard 100# cardstock. 100-110# is what they sell in stores as “industry standard” for scrapbooking. It literally is nothing special or hard to find.

When you hold cardstock up to the light, you can’t see through it. To see the effect the candle will give, you can take a flashlight in to the store with you, and by pressing it directly on the back of the paper you will see what the illumination will look like. Using the “handmade” same-weight paper with the bits of flowers and leaves would give you a more varied illumination with highlights and shadows, and the flecks of flowers/leaves will appear in silhouette.

Read  step-by-step instructions .

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