Diamond Land and Antwerp – What’s it all about?!

Antwerp at night.

Antwerp at night.

I visited Antwerp, Belgium at the end of October and it totally blew my mind and my misconceptions of what I thought it would be like.

Four of us from RealWeddings.ie made the short trip to Antwerp in Belgium.  We were going to visit Diamond Land and see what it had to offer Irish customers.

We flew out of Dublin airport with Ryanair to Charleroi Airport.  We took a taxi to the train station where we then caught the train to Antwerp.

From the minute we exited the train station in Antwerp I just knew I had been totally wrong about Antwerp.  To be totally honest, I expected it to be over-run with suits and briefcases, but my first sight was of a busy, leafy street lined with bars and restaurants with people sitting outside drinking coffee and of course beer.  There is even an Irish Pub to keep us happy!

We checked in to our hotel and then made our way up to Diamond Land, where we were greeted by friendly staff and given a warm welcome.  The minute you enter the building you know you are somewhere special!  We immediately joined a tour of the exhibit section.  We saw the diamonds being polished, diamonds in their raw state and got a good explanation of the important 4 C’s.  The very famous ‘Antwerp Cut’ was also explained to us, this is where the experts at Diamond Land ensure your ring is the most sparkly is can be!

Then the most exciting part, we got to see all the rings.  I did my best not to dribble on the lovely polished showcases (it wasn’t easy believe me).  They had every type of ring and style available.  I did ask whether they could design a ring for you, and they said yes and if you have an idea of what you want prior to visiting you can email them.  How handy I thought whilst planning my next trip with the other half!

Another thing that stuck out beyond the sparkles was the price, everything was clearly marked and I cannot stress the huge difference between the prices Irish jewelers charge and Diamond Land is amazing.  I often glance in the windows around town here and whilst I can usually see something that I would like to replace my own, it is always miles out of my budget.  I saw three rings I loved in Diamond Land and they were so reasonably priced, my husband was delighted I didn’t bring my credit card.  But rest assured, we are returning in January!  So personally I would recommend turning your back on ‘Rip Off Ireland’ and taking a trip to Antwerp.

Diamond Land are also launching a catalogue of jewellery available to purchase online in the coming months, so if you can’t make it to Antwerp you will still be able to avail of their amazing prices.

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We have everything from getting there, where to stay, what to do, and we will also have a specialist from Diamond Land answering your all important questions in our discussion forum.

  • Future.Mrs.Walls

    My future hubby brought me to Antwerp to get my ring and they made the whole occassion so special I will never be able to forget it.

  • Here Comes the Bride

    The prices on the rings in Antwerp are excellent

  • visiting Antwerp next week!

    We are visiting Diamond Land next week for a special purchase :) and we are so excited! Any tips?

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