Four Weddings – Week Two

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We flew off to celeb land for this weeks episode, personally I don’t like celeb episodes of any type of reality shows, as it lacks in the bitchiness stakes, however in last nights program, we had our resident bitch in the form of an ex-Eastender.

First down the aisle was Faye from Steps.  Her dress was fab, although her hair piece looked like it could have come straight off a horse bridal.  Everything else was pretty much unremarkable.

Second we saw Michelle Marsh, a very modern dress, and slightly barbie-ish in our opinion, however the speeches were excellent, the groom announced to their guests that they were expecting their second baby….awwww.

Third ‘bride’ was Pete Bennett of Big Brother fame.  He actually made the program in our eyes, trying to hold in his swearing was especially funny when they got to the part ‘Is there any persons here present who knows of…..’ in one of the first weddings.  Anyway Pete married his bride in the eyes of a large Green Monster.  All the guests were dressed to the nines (in fancy, in some cases very fancy dress).  A mental day to say the least, but all the other brides seem to enjoy their extraordinary day out.  However much they raved about it though, they didn’t score him highly.

Last was our resident bitch, Carol Harrison.  She was marrying a groom probably half her age, nothing wrong with that we say, however leave off on the bitchiness about the others.  A Mod themed wedding where all the guests donned their 60′s gear.  Pete even wore a dress – how utterly fabulous dahling!

Anyway, the winner was Michelle Marsh, and we think it was the right choice.

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