Clashing bridesmaids

As mismatched bridesmaids dresses become more popular in the USA, it is only  a matter of time before it starts here.  It’s handy when you might have a colour in mind that definitely won’t suit all your bridemaids.  We really like it, and here are some of our favourites.




  • Bride2B

    This is a great idea I think, as like it says above not all colours may suit all of your bridesmaids. Even having different shades of the one colour is a good idea as it makes your wedding party unique but doesn’t steal the limelight from the bride :)

  • Future.Mrs.Walls

    I was thinking that my bridesmaid dresses will be different shades of pink and seeing those photos above makes me want green ones now :(
    Is it too late to change the whole theme of the wedding??

  • Here Comes the Bride

    I didnt like the idea of different coloured dresses.

    I thought all dresses had to be the same.

    But those photos prove me wrong, it really works.

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