Wedding Dress Scam

Sample of the image you will see on auction sites.

Sample of the image you will see on auction sites.

”HI girls , i just want to tell everyone my experience of buying a wedding dress from ebay that was made in china, here it goes .

I saw a stunning wedding dress called angel voulation it was amazing, so i bidded an won it. I gave all the measurements and tracked all the way from china. When i recived the dress it came in an A3 jiffy bag straight away my heart sank i knew it be a  dissaster.

To my supprise there was a wedding dress in the bag but it was nothing like the picture they was showing, the material wasn’t what i asked for and the train ‘well there was hardly one’ .

I am totaly disscusted with this company and  feel something should be done . Please take my advice an never buy something thats going to mean alot to you as it will only end in heart break”

  • Surely ye would want your head examined to go down that route in the first place. It is prob 8 year olds making these dresses in a sweat shop. If ye can’t afford bridal shop prices maybe look 2nd hand.

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