Wedding Hair – Top Ten Hair Tips

1. Have regular trims even if growing your hair. This will prevent split ends.

2. Have your hairstylist recommend a good shampoo and conditioner suited to your hair type.

3. Start looking at hair styles in magazines and cut out any you like and one or two that you don’t like.

4. Curtail the use of straighteners and where possible cut them out altogether as they damage the hair.

5. Stick to the same colourist and make sure they keep a written record of your colour to avoid disappointment if they are out on your final visit to the salon for your colour.

6. If changing colour or trying it for the first time do it well in advance this will give you time to get used to it or change it if you are not happy with it.

7. Regular treatments will help bring out the natural shine in your hair. These can be done at home with salon bought deep conditioners which will cut down a bit on the cost of going to the salon for them.

8. Have your trial about 6 months before the wedding so if you need another one you will have time to change your mind. (Bring your camera to the trial.

9. Keep up with the treatments.

10. Make sure you give your hair the best shampoo it has ever had for the wedding day and make sure you rinse out all the conditioner.

Tips from Top Hair Stylist Susan Peggs

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